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Want carpet and have dogs?

Monday, February 21, 2022 5:48 AM

There is absolutely no reason why you can't have both. Thanks to modern technology, today's carpeting can stand up to claws, digging and scratching, shedding, accidents, and drooling.

Many rugs today even have pet-friendly warranties.

Basics: The importance of fiber

Fiber is the material from which rug yards are made. Some are better than others for homes with pets.

You’ll see a large assortment of pet-friendly fibers when you come into our showroom. That even includes one that is used to line a zoo cage.

Also, look at the style

You'll find yourself surrounded by many soft-surface floor covering beauty when you shop. So don't get distracted; stay focused on your needs.

Generally, a low pile rug is easier to keep clean and durable. They combine softness, fashion, and an extensive color palette with their functional capabilities. You'll often see these soft surfaces in busy, style-driven offices.

High pile rugs like the shag require extra TLC. They're fun, come in an extensive color palette–and are best for low-traffic rooms, like the bedroom.

Why you should also pay attention to color

You'll see everything from deep, rich neutrals to jewel tones in our carpet store. Remember, though, some colors hide dirt and stains better.

Color would be a consideration, especially if you have an outdoor pet. They can drag in soil, mud, and leaves, among other things, on their paws!

Also, think about if your pet sheds. For example, if you have a light-haired pet and a dark carpet, you'll find yourself vacuuming–often.

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