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How to shop for furniture with Legate's Furniture World, in Madisonville, KY

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How to shop for furniture

Ask yourself specific questions about your overall style and needs before buying any furniture, whether it be a sofa, table, lighting, or flooring. Furniture is a significant investment and an expression of your style, so it’s vital to understand how and what to buy. Here are some tips on the furniture buying process from the experts at our furniture store in Madisonville, KY.

Sofas: the most significant furniture investment

First, here are the basics. Many customers who are renovating their entire room ask if they should paint the walls before selecting the sofa. In this case, the answer is to choose the couch first because the upholstered piece has fewer colors than you’d find in paint chips. Get something because you like it, not because you’re forced into purchasing something that wouldn’t be your first choice. Just be sure you protect it well with tarp and painters’ tape!

During the selection process, decide how you’re going to use it. Will the couch be in a busy room with heavy foot traffic, or will it be in a space that’s used for guests only? Will it be for guests and should it be a sofa bed? Remember that each room has different challenges and priorities, so it’s never a "one-size-fits-all." In other words, what would work well for the living room may not work for the family room. Also, be sure it also works with your home's interior design plan; if your home is country-style, a modern, minimalist, Scandinavian style will look chaotic and distorted.

Will your coffee table be a focal point?

How do you plan to use it? What type of material fits your needs? For instance, a glass table works well in a modern urban design, but you probably wouldn’t want it if you have kids or if your home is a more traditional or country style. You also ask us if all the woods need to match; no, they don’t, but the undertones need to match. Many antique kinds of wood, like cherry or mahogany, have warm undertones, but if you mix it with a wood that has cooler secondary colors (like a gray-ish hue), the outcome will be chaotic.

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Since 1960, Legate's Furniture World has been your go-to for flooring, furniture and bedding and mattress sets and we carry some of the most well-known and trusted brand names in their respective industries. Come into our showroom in Madisonville, KY for some inspiration for your home. We will be happy to help you choose your furniture style!

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